Hey You,

Let me tell you a little about myself!!

Hi there, thanks for checking me out. I’m the Ginger behind the camera. I was born and raised in NW Ohio and my hometown is a tiny little place you have probably never heard of. I now reside in Findlay, Ohio. I’m an outgoing, laid back person that will always be a wanderer at heart, always looking forward to my next adventure. Currently my day job is in commercial construction in the summer months, giving me the winter time off to chase my dreams. My husband and I take full advantage of this and travel as much as we can. You can find us trekking around with our pop up camper, fly fishing, or hiking. Wherever we may go, we love to explore with our chocolate lab Suzie Q. She is a goofy, hyper, sassy pup who runs our lives. I’m a lover of sushi, tacos, and matcha flavored anything. Wanna chat? I’m always up for food or drinks.

Chandra Fondessy


So what with the name “Moon Valley’s Photography"?’

Let me tell you about it!

It all starts with my parents. My mom and dad are pretty great people, they meet in college where my dad played in a band. He was the drummer and my mom was… well she keeps her story pretty mysterious. They ended up getting married and my sister Kira was born. Kira means SUN in Persian. Well it was only fitting when I came along to give me a proper name as well. Chandra means MOON in Hinduism. My sister and I are quite opposites so our names are fitting. I think my parents were a bit hippie at heart. If we haven’t met yet, you will see where I get my laid back personality and views on life. Thank you dad for getting me started with your old film camera from college, without you im not sure if I would have found my true passion. Mom, thank you for always challenging me. You are hard to keep up with, you gave me my true wanderlust heart. Never stop exploring and learning new things.